We are here to help you get going and help you get more time for yourself! Keep reading to find out how!

It may feel overwhelming to plan an entire week of meals, snacks, and then prepare most of it in advance. So I suggest starting small, see how you feel and when you’re ready then you can add a couple more days or meals. The key is finding what works for you, there are no specific “rules” to follow. During the busy times of the school year, I will usually meal prep twice a week because it’s more manageable for me in my small kitchen; and it works with our family schedule.


Figuring out what to eat during the week really revolves around what everyone has going on. Map out the week with events – practices – meetings – appointments – etc… and figure out what meals you’ll need (i.e. make note of events serving lunch, snacks at practice, dining out, etc…). Then you can put together a meal plan using some of your favorite recipes, and researching new ones online or in books.


Prepping meals in advance doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t need to be a chef. You just need to set aside a couple of hours to focus on it, and then you’re done! I always feel like it makes my week go so much smoother when I know that the snacks are ready to grab, and meals are planned and prepared. Put some music on, get your kitchen tools out, and have a little fun!

Mother and daughter (4-5) preparing food in kitchen

There are lots of things that I like to prepare, and I’m constantly trying to come up with creative ideas for healthy meals/snacks. Here are some foods that are consistent in my weekly rotation:

  1. Veggies for snacks, salads, and sides
  2. Brown rice
  3. Oats, flatbread
  4. Sweet potatoes
  5. Fresh fruit
  6. Chicken, ground turkey
  7. Yogurt, milk
  8. Eggs, cheese
  9. Hummus
  10. Popcorn, nuts, crackers/pretzels


Don’t forget to share what your go-to foods are when you meal prep! Collaboration is key to successful meal prepping!


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